The Line Break: Electric 2013 Goggles

Electric VP of Operations Steve Hurst and Goggle Product Manager and Designer Josh Hartley show us the new line.

This year at SIA, the goggle arms race was taken to the next level as brands introduced an arsenal of new technologies and designs to separate themselves from their foes. The boys at Electric marched into battle, donning military-inspired jackets as their band of brothers worked tirelessly on their retail beach head, directly opposite the Volcom booth.

Mike Carter showing off the aftermath of Bruce Beach's fight at 686's Lights Out boxing event the night before.

The 2012/13 Electric line is everything you’d expect from the brand who arguably brought the first oversize goggle, the EG2,  to market in 2005 , with hundreds of offerings ranging from loud and proud, to undercover sub-dude colorways, and a wide range of frame sizes packing its booth space.

One of the coolest new features they’re touting is Eye Black, which reduces glare in riders’ eyes using a similar concept to baseball and NFL players’ using black paint or stickers under their eyes. “Bright colored frames really amplify the glare and so does the snow as well as the amount of skin inside oversize lenses,” explains VP of Operations Steve Hurst.

The Eye Black process to minimize this is actually quite involved—the inside of the goggles are first taped by hand before the main colors are sprayed on, then that tape is removed and the colored portion is taped in order to add a matte black coating on the inside of the frame. But the extra effort and $5 increase in wholesale price definitely proved to be worth it in our testing on too many ensuing bluebird days.

Other big news from the brand includes its collabs with B4BC and Volcom, its Rider Inspired Design Series (R.I.D.S.), and a new reusable thermal goggle case. “The new line represents the next level of evolution,” sums up Electric VP of Global Brand Marketing Mike Carter.

Here’s a look at the next level of Electric.