The Line Break: Iron Fist Holiday 2013 Collection

San Diego based Iron Fist clothing has recently revamped its look and amped up its marketing and events. With the hire of new National Sales Manager James Herrault, the brand is branching out in its fifth year to include some new looks in its Holiday 2013 catalogue, as well as putting together some interesting events, including the Friendly Fire Art Show with Jason Adams and friends in San Francisco this past March. Iron Fist plans to keep the momentum going this summer with the Punk Rock Bowling music festival in Las Vegas this Memorial Day weekend by hosting a specials how with TSOL Monday, May 27 at the Gold Spike Hotel and Casino.

We caught up with Herrault to learn more about what’s new with the brand, and the holiday collection set to hit retail soon.

James Herrault, Iron Fist National Sales Manager

When did you come on board at Iron Fist and what was your industry experience prior to that?

I came on board in July of 2012. I'm very grateful to be working with IRN FST MFG. I have been fortunate enough to work in our industry for the last 16 years working on all sides of the fence: Shop manager/buyer, rep, in house sales, and then moved into management a few years ago. It's been great to be able to apply all my layers of experience to the brand. 

What’s the team look like these days: who's on board, and how did you work together to come up with the creative concept for next season’s collection? On the skate side we have pros Duane Peters and Jason Adams along with a pretty solid am team. We have ambassadors in surf, custom motorcycle, and music as well. We work with some insane bands, mostly on the punk rock / indie side. Working with everyone individually on new product that we like is imperative to stay true to who we are.

How has the direction of the brand evolved from some of the earlier collections? Where is this new direction for the brand headed?

We definatly have cleaned it up a bit, while still keeping a punk rock edge. The key is for us to continue to design product that our ambassadors and we want to wear.

How have you expanded the retail distribution? What are some examples of retailers that are carrying next season’s collection?

Our distribution has expanded quite a bit. We are in some great independent retailers such as Tank farm. Key online and chain partnerships with skate warehouse, and Tilly's. There is a lot of interest in the brand, so its key that we are selective on whom we sell to.

What was your vision for holiday 2013, and how long did it take to create, from concept to shoot to final product? What was that process like?

The holiday vision was to design apparel and footwear that was wearable but has enough point of difference so we stand out from the competitors in the market place. We started the development of the line around the time that I started.The actual shoot locations were all around downtown LA where our headquarters is located. It's really important to bring in your local elements to express where you're coming from as a brand.

What does Iron Fist have in the works for 2014, as far as innovative product, collaborations, and/or retail partnerships?

We are going to be doing more band collaborations next year. The Misfits X Irn fst mfg products are doing really well for us this year, so were going to be keeping that momentum going. We are really sitting on the tip of the iceberg. There are so many new partnership opportunities for us right now. It's really a great position to be in.