Upstarts: AION Headwear Launch Party In Jackson Hole

AION Headwear Launch Party In Jackson Hole & Look At Inaugural Line

After a year of bouncing between the mountain states, villages of Bali, and beaches of San Diego, Aion Headwear recently stopped long enough to unveil its inaugural line of headwear and limited edition tops and outerwear.

The fete took place at the nascent brand’s snow-covered HQ in Jackson Hole, and included a curated exhibition of art by Encinitas, California surfer and artist Shaun Donavon, as well as a fundraiser benefiting the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum.

Around 100 people four-wheeled it to the shindig, including the filmmaking geniuses at Brain Farm and a who’s who of local riders and music makers. To learn more about Aion Headwear’s line, its goodwill efforts in Indonesia, and other goings-on, log on at and check them out at

Check out photos from the launch party and the brand’s first line: