5th Annual K-5 Game of Skate

5th Annual Game of Skate.OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – The 5th Annual K-5 game of skate went ballistic last weekend, April 24-25, under scorching So Cal skies. The quality of competition this year was off of the charts. Guys who have won in years past, weren’t even guaranteed to make it out of the first round.

The morning started off with the 16 and under division, and it was obvious straight away that it was going to be a two grom race. Not to
take anything away from the rest of the field, but Diego Najera of El Centro and Will Fyock of Encinitas were wrecking shop all the way through. When they finally met up in the finals, all hell broke loose. Each super-grom threw down trick after trick, neither showing any signs of weakness. At one point, it looked like there was no flip, spin, grind, tranny, or box that could knock either kid out of the competition. After what can only be described as 15 minutes of mayhem, Will Fyock eventually put the nail in Diego’s coffin with a switch
inward 360 double heel flip. Congratulations to K5 rider Will for a huge win, and good luck with the new sponsorship from Lost enterprises!

The open division had a lot of hype to live up to after the amazing grom sessions of the morning, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. With
names like Neil Mims, Aaron Astorga, Andy “Big Perm” Beaumarche, Connor Getzlaff, Chris Troy and Brendan Keaveny marching through the early rounds, the finals were guaranteed to be stacked.(In a small twist, MC Danny G threw a wrench into the Semi-finals by dropping in both Will Fyock and Diego Najera from the boys division finals.)

After way too many, crazy, mind-numbing tricks and heats, the final was set. This year it would be Brendan Keaveny, battling the super grom Diego Najera for the $300 cash prize. While Diego put up a solid fight, the scorching heat, and Brendan’s solid skating proved to be too much for the youngster. Brendan put him away with a solid Nollie-half cab-switch crook on the “big bench”. Congratulations to this year’s winners, and a big thank you to Danny Gorman, the co sponsors and all of the fans who came out to cheer on their favorite skaters. We will see you this June for the Poway K5 Game of Skate.

Go to K5.com to view the whole game of skate slide show!