686 Announces Key Management Promotions

image001.jpgWestlife Distribution – the parent company of 686 – announced Tuesday, March 11, the  promotions of three key managers, according to a press release issued by the company.

  Long-time employees Doug Sumi and Jono Zacharias have been promoted to the positions of senior vice president of operations and finance and senior vice president of global sales.  686 veteran, Kristin Cusic, has also been promoted to vice president of marketing.

"I'm stoked for the opportunity to recognize my top management team for all of their incredible efforts," Mike West, president and creative director at 686, said. "Between the three of them, the combined amount of years spent at 686 is 30, so it was a long time coming and well deserved. Part of the requirement was that they had to ride at least the same number of days per season as their age as well as clear the gap at Bear. It took Jono a few times, but now we're all good."

Since 1992, Westlife has been working to provide the riding industry with innovative, progressive and technical apparel and outerwear. Log on to the official 686 site HERE for more information.