686 X Blind Release Winter Collab Collection

The 686 X Blind Skateboards winter 2012-2013 capsule collection featuring artwork from Marc Mckee is now available. The promo video below features the new Men’s Ltd Blind Anniversary Insulated Jacket:

Read on for more from 686:

The core of skateboarding is about doing things for you and not giving a damn what others do or think. This rebellious nature resonated with a lot of skateboarders early on, so Steve Rocco decided to make a statement by starting Blind Skateboards® with Mark Gonzalez. The name “Blind” was a jab at Gonz’s former sponsor, Vision.  OG Blind artist, Marc Mckee, recalls, “When Blind and World first started, there were no limitations on what we could or couldn’t do.”

The more Blind® called people and companies out, the more popular it became. The no rules, DIY mentality of Blind was a huge influence in how 686® started. To commemorate this, 686® x Blind® is introducing a capsule collection that showcases the rawness and humor of what it was likeback in the day. Blind® looked at corporate America and the  “Big 3” skate brands (Powell, Vision, Santa Cruz) as made up of everything that skateboarding shouldn’t be. This was best communicated through their graphics, ads and having legends like Gonz, Jason Lee and Rudy Johnson charging forward. Blind® reflected the raw nature and unwritten rules of being free to do whatever you wanted.