Agenda NYC Wrap Up – Videos, Highlights, and More

Words by Jesse Stein
The opening of day two at The Agenda Trade Show in New York was a shared experience, as buyers and reps fought side by side in the battle against hangovers. But by ten o'clock everyone had finished their coffee, set up their booths, and got amped for the event. Brands from all over the country converged here for what Marek Grubel, owner of Tits Brand, simply labeled "The only good streetwear trade show New York has seen in two years"

After speaking with a few buyers and reps, it became clear why the show was such a success. Buyers, such as Ryan Meyer, VP of merchandise at St. Bernard Sports, felt that "the free-flowing set up of the show allowed buyers to comfortably move between booths at their own pace. At the same time, the people here were here to work." This was a recurring theme when talking with retailers. Mike Rowe, owner of 158 Surf and Skate, affirmed that "people are here to get work doneā€¦and the vibe is a thousand times better than [other shows]."

Justin Cavalieri, buyer for Bunger Surf in Sayville, New York, took a break out from his busy day to help pour drinks with the Amp Energy girls, where we caught up with him. He felt the show had "a mellow vibe that was good for buyers. It was really convenient taking trains to and from the event. Not to mention there's a few skate parks in the area."

The buyers on hand ranged from national veterans, like CCS, to new local shops, like The Sneaker Studio. The guys from The Studio are used to working mostly through email, where it's "hard to get a feel for the product." But shows like Agenda allow them to "come down, and expand their rep relations from emails to a personal level. Also, it's a great place to find new brands and get the materials in your hands before you buy them."

Skullcandy was a major sponsor this year, and were stoked on bringing the show out east. Leland Drummond, who handles pr for Skullcandy at Azione explains; "New York is a major hub of style and trend. There's a big market here, and Agenda is the perfect mix of action sports and fashion."

Frends Mason Aguire And Crew On Agenda NYC
Video: Agatha Wasilewska

Analog/Gravis New England Sales Rep Josh Hudson on the Agenda Trade Show
Video: Agatha Wasilewska

Analog U.S. Sales Manager Lyndon Cabellon
Video: Agatha Wasilewska

True Love & False Idols VP of Sales and Marketing Jim Shubin
Video: Stein

Danny and the Dingo dropping Grenades at Agenda
Video: Wasilewska

Neff Founder Shaun Neff takes you through the new line
Video: Stein