Armourdillo Surplus Collection For 2010

Armourdillo Surplus Collection

Armourdillo is pleased to announce the introduction of the Surplus Collection for 2010. The Surplus Collection features utility belts, wallets and pouches in waxed cotton canvas with full grain leather trim.  With a nod to military design and classic workwear utility elements thrown in, Surplus is a universal belt, wallet and accessory collection that has a broad appeal.

We are also introducing signature belt and wallet collections with iconic professional skateboarders Chad Bartie and Corey Duffel, each featuring their unique styles. All Armourdillo products are handcrafted with the finest materials available.

The Armourdillo mission is broadcasted worldwide by our unique personalities that represent the brand. These include skateboarders, artists, cultural icons, musicians, brands and regular folks. Our core group of “Broadcasters” are: Chad Bartie, Corey Duffel, Jason Ellis, Steve Caballero, Corbin Harris and Kevin Staab. Be on the lookout for our announcement of further additions to Armourdillo very soon.

Armourdillo was born at the turn of the century in Australia. The brand set out to never compromise on the things that matter most; design, colour, leathers, and build quality. A hand-crafted belt or wallet will last for many years, and once you've broken it in, you'll never want to give it up.

For more information, please contact Armourdillo at (760) 727-5570 or visit our website at