Banshee Bungee Adds New Board Members

Boise, Idaho-based Banshee Bungee announced the addition of Bob Gundram and LInda Bernardi to its board of directors. Gundram is president of C3-Worldwide, which includes CAPiTA, Coal and Union, and Bernardi heads up technology strategy firm, StraTerra Partners. Read on for full details:

Banshee Bungee is very excited to have such influential people joining their board. When asked about the new addition, Cooper Kalisek, VP of Banshee Bungee, talked about this incredible opportunity. “With the type of growth we have been experiencing over the last three years, over 400% in fiscal year 2009, then doubling that in fiscal year 2010, and looking to triple in fiscal year 2011, we are stoked to have on new members who have been involved with such successful companies.” As with any growing company, it becomes necessary for a change in the lineup of our board members.  Kalisek continued, “Having such incredible people joining our crew is absolutely awesome, and we look forward to working closer with our new members, and being able to watch Banshee Bungee keep developing.”


C3-Worldwide is one of the country’s largest and most successful snowboard companies, designing high quality snowboards, apparel, accessories and other associated products. They strive for excellent quality, timely delivery and consistent communication amongst their vendors. With extremely successful past sales numbers, and only around fifteen employees, they have begun to dominate the world of boarding apparel and accessories.


Banshee Bungee is a tool that has revolutionized the way we view snowboarding, skimboarding, and skateboarding. Quickly becoming a must have, Banshee Bungee allows you to access spots that have been impossible to hit in the past. Because of issues with speed many features have been left untouched… until now. Banshee Bungee has fixed this problem by allowing you to attain the speed that is needed for almost any situation. This has opened the floodgates for endless possibilities and progression. Whether it is on snow, concrete, or water, at Banshee Bungee, everything is fair game. For more information check out