BitchBoards And Celebs Unite For Haiti

BitchBoards and celebs joined forces at the "WE ARE THE WORLD" charity event last Monday.

BitchBoards and celebs joined forces at the "WE ARE THE WORLD" charity event last Monday.

The ladies who were getting some serious recognition at SIA returned the love for a good cause.

BitchBoards teamed up with celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Rob Thomas, Lionel Richie, and Randy Jackson to raise money for Haiti at the “WE ARE THE WORLD” charity event.  A select group of celebs recorded a remake of “We Are The World” and signed BitchBoards for auction at a privately owned recording studio in Los Angeles.

BitchBoards HBIC Alex Masterson gave us the scoop on the event:

How did BitchBoards get involved with "WE ARE THE WORLD?"

We are always looking for opportunities to support anything that goes to a good cause, and the recent tragedy in Haiti really affected us on a deep level. We knew we had to do something to get involved. This opportunity came to us and we jumped on board- no pun intended!!! ‘Bitch’, which we believe stands for Betty-In- Total-Control of- Herself, is an empowering word that brings strength and courage to others! This experience has been so rewarding and we will definitely be doing many more charity events in the future!

How many people attended the event?

This particular charity event was very exclusive with only 150 celebrities and people of influence gathering together to support the efforts to raise money for Haiti. It was an exclusive event and the public was not invited.


When and where will the boards be auctioned?

They are working with eBay to auction off BitchBoards, Gibson Guitars, and all the other items signed by celebrities to raise money for Haiti.

What board models did celebs autograph?

The celebs autographed various sizes in the BitchBoards® Lava, BitchBoards® Liquid and the BitchBoards® Mode All-mountain snowboards.

How many boards were sold?

No boards were sold. Only three boards were signed to be auctioned off to raise money for Haiti. However, we had celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Nicole Ritchie who loved the boards so much that they asked for boards for their own personal use.  Snoop Dog also wanted one for his daughter!

Snoop posing with his BitchBoard.

Snoop posing with his BitchBoard.