Board Sport Industry Joined Together in Education, Fun at BRA Summit V

image0011.jpgOFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC, MAY 13, 2008 —The Board Retailers Association (BRA), a non-profit representing almost 500 specialty board sport retailers in the surf, skate, snow and wake industry, hosted the fifth annual Retail Summit in San Juan, Puerto Rico April 30 – May 4, 2008. and networking opportunities where attendees had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends while building new relationships.  While the primary purpose of the Retail Summit is to educate specialty retailers, the underlying result of the Summit was a shift of consciousness amongst all the retailers and manufacturers in attendance toward a more productive effort in promoting our business and the board sport lifestyle.

"I'm so glad that I decided to attend [the Retail Summit] this year as this experience was truly educational [and] enlightening. It wasn't necessarily the introduction of new ideas or topics that was most important as much as it was the depth of which was covered by the presenters and participants. This was most definitely a very informative and rewarding experience and one that I found to be most valuable in moving on in a positive way during these tough times," said Mark "Wally" Richards of Val Surf. Wally's sentiments were reiterated by Pete Censoplano of Sun Diego who said, "I've been doing this retail thing for a long time and sometimes it can be quite uninspiring. I walked away from last week feeling re-charged and inspired."

Manufacturers like Glenn Brumage of IASC agreed. "I look forward to helping further the retail/manufacturer relationship in the future. There is so much to consider with fully vertical retailers, internet sales, domestic and international economic pressures and our customers changing lifestyles. The more we all understand our changing business environment and the effect on each other, the better chance we have to grow our business together. I'm still reeling from the stoke."

BRA would like to thank all the speakers and sponsors that helped support the Retail Summit, especially Surf Expo, Quiksilver, ASR, SIMA, IASC, Reef, Volcom, Rip Curl, Tum Yeto, Heartland Payment Systems, Transworld, Propoganda HQ, GSI, ActionWatch, Global Wave Ventures, Board-Trac, ASEC, SIA, and Santa Cruz Surfboards. Without your continued support, this event would not have been the success it was. We are excited to continue to build on the momentum began at the Retail Summit and look forward to seeing all of you in 2009.

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