Corey Duffel Soars Into Skate Exposure-Meter’s Fourth Place


Corey Duffel slid up 21 spots to land in fourth place through September’s skate mags. Photo: Chami

Overall Coverage:

HEADLINE: September officially renamed "Mikey Taylor Month"

Ok, not really, but it might as well have been changed. Taylor had a dearth of coverage that brought him nearly twice as many points as anyone else. A Transworld cover and 14-page interview, and Thrasher On Board article helped him out on the editorial side, and DC ads brought him up from 182nd into 20th. Taylor even had enough free time to sneak a cameo photo in a The Skateboard Mag article!

While the podium stayed static, Corey Duffel had a huge push. He climbed from 25th into 4th. Andrew Reynolds cracked the top ten as well, moving five points into 6th.

Editorial Coverage:

Battle of the Cover Boys

Other cover boys included Real's Chima Ferguson on The Skateboard Mag, who also scored a ten-page interview, and Dane Burman on the cover of Thrasher. Corey Duffel also made a significant jump this month, via a 12-page Thrasher interview and a smattering of Foundation ads.

Ad Coverage:

Reynolds Takes Over

Elijah Berle came up pretty hard this month, racking up ad points by the thousands, thanks to Vans and Girl/Chocolate. Berle is resting comfortably at 11th overall and 27th for advertising. Andrew Reynolds had a similar jump thanks to Emerica and Altamont, bringing him to the number-one spot in advertising, and 6th overall. Keep in mind that both of these guys have major videos set to drop before 2012 is over (Reynolds in Baker's Bake and Destroy, and Berle in Girl/Chocolate's Pretty Sweet), so bank on additional coverage from both in the next few months.

Logo Coverage:

Independent Day

Not surprisingly, the most recognizable logos in skateboarding tend to be the most frequently seen. (DUH!) Independent is topping the charts, as usual, with Nike, Vans, and Spitfire all hot on the heels of the iconic Iron Cross. The logo race does have a lot of fluctuation though, month to month, so it's far from over. One Justin Brock interview or Vans tour article and we could be looking at a new frontrunner.

Photo Coverage:

Chami Goes On Shooting Spree

Transworld's own Dave Chami has been on a shooting spree, racking up the points this month with his "Last of the Infrared" article. Close behind is Thrasher's photo editor Mike Burnett, who adds a cover and 22-page Flip tour article to his tally this month. The Skateboard Mag's Atiba Jefferson also chalks up some points, keeping him in 3rd place.