Dragon Selects Sparc For Expanded Website Services


Dragon Alliance has selected Sparc Hubsoft to develop expanded website services for the company. The expanded platform will support consumers, brand ambassadors, reps and dealers, and integrate real-time with Dragon back office systems.

Here’s more from Dragon and Sparc:

Laguna Beach, CA – July 12, 2010 – Dragon Alliance and Sparc are pleased to announce their partnership to design, develop and support Dragon's new web based consumer and trade platforms. The websites will support Dragon's customers, retail partners and sales force with the latest information on Dragon eyewear, apparel, and accessories, as well as the worldwide activities of its brand athletes and ambassadors.

Dragon Global Brand Manager Rick Irons made upgrading Dragon's digital services one of his first projects upon arriving in Dragon last October. "Whether you are a consumer, a core influencer, or a retail partner, Dragon websites will be easier to do business with. Our goal is to consistently connect the brand's message to the market through our sites and show the great array of products we have" states Irons.

The product content and commerce programs on the sites will be powered by Sparc's Hubsoft engine, supporting direct ecommerce on DragonAlliance.com, VIP.Dragon.com for professional athletes and VIPs, and a B2B portal for digital catalogs and order management serving Dragon dealers and sales reps.

Sparc's John Telfer notes "Dragon is a respected internationally recognized brand, however they run a mean and lean ship and have neither the resources to deal with multiple vendors and web and commerce applications that cannot seem to play nice, nor pay for bloated software with "Enterprise" pricing schemes."

Dragon's mission in looking for a new partner was two-fold; first to consolidate its commerce and content applications to a single, easy to administrate platform, seamlessly integrated with its Full Circle back-office systems. And second, to tap into fresh creative resources to develop a best practices web platform delivering top-shelf user experiences, and the tools to constantly update the content, look and features of the sites.

Will Howard, Dragon's President adds "It was clear from the get-go that the Sparc team had the vision and chops to clean up the user experience in finding and ordering Dragon product; from consumers to pros and our account buyers and reps, as well as how it all integrates with Full Circle. They had the integration track-record and even Full Circle acknowledged they had the most robust and turnkey integration kit available."

Look for the new sites to roll out this summer.