DVS’s Dano Legere On Mastering Moto Marketing

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Dano Legere

Dano Legere

While its roots are firmly planted in skate, surf, and snow, DVS has gained a huge following over the last decade in the moto realm. With a roster of athletes that includes the likes of Ivan Tedesco and Carey Hart, DVS logos pepper the moto realm, and DVS Moto Team Manager Dano Legere is on the ball. We caught up with Legere to learn more about DVS’s successful push into the category.

How and why did you guys decide to get into the moto world?

Aside from a genuine interest in motocross as a company, we saw a gap in the market with the motocross consumer. They didn’t really have a shoe brand that catered directly to them and they began to identify with DVS as simply a cool, action sports lifestyle brand that crossed over into their world. Motocross riders began taking a genuine interest in wanting to represent DVS within Motocross culture.

What impact has this had on your business?

It’s been huge. Motorcross is obviously very popular and having a product offering that caters specifically to that customer is a great business to be in.

Carson Hart Shoe

Where is your moto-specific product primarily carried?

Much of our moto-specific product is carried in larger, chain doors like Zumiez and Journey’s. We also work with moto-specific retailers like Chaparral, North County Yamanha, and Moto World Of El Cajon.

How does your message and promotion differ to moto retailers versus your skate shops?

There obviously aren’t as many moto-specific doors as there are with other boardsports, but for the retailers that are out there we help them with promo, signings, and SMU projects just like with skate shops.

How about your advertising messages to end consumers?

Our ad campaigns for moto mimic those we use for Surf, Skate, and Snow. The only difference is that the action shots used are the Motocross athletes from our team. DVS has always endorsed the best athletes in the world. Motocross is no different.

How much overlap do you see between boardsports consumers and moto consumers?

The average kid these days seems to take an interest in all action sports versus just sticking to one. When the kid is not riding his dirt bike he could be at the mountain or at the beach.

What risks do you see as far as diluting your message in any of these sports by being involved in all of them?

I don’t think it dilutes our message at all. It helps diversify our brand and makes it appealing to all types of different consumers. Kids that skate follow our skate messaging. Kids that ride dirt bikes follow our motocross messaging.

How does your involvement with boardsports and moto blend into finished product?

Just as with our other categories, we try to incorporate design elements that reflect our rider’s lifestyles. Carey Hart, for example, owns a successful chain of tattoo shops called Hart & Huntington. We lean into some of those design concepts when branding product for him.

Where do you see the biggest opportunities for increasing partnerships in the moto world?

In the past, we’ve focused on aligning our brand with the best national teams and races including brands like Geico Powersports Honda, Hart & Huntington, and Factory Connection and races like Mammoth Mountain Motocross, the AMA Supercross, the Amateur AMA Nationals, and the X-Games.

What negative feedback have you received from boardsports retailers about your being in the moto world and how do you respond to that?

We’ve never had a negative response. Each year, motocross seems to get bigger and better.

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