Eddie Wall On Weekend Snowboards

According to a post on Weekend Snowboards’ Facebook page, Eddie Wall is now officially a part of the team.

“Eddie Wall loses bet, now rides for Weekend Snowboards.

It was a rainy day around Weekend HQ last week. Our good friend Eddie Wall stopped on in to “chew the fat” as they* say, so we decided to lay it all on the line and see if we could make things interesting. The bet was set, if Eddie could not finish 3 crackers in 30… seconds, he would ride for Weekend. A sweeter scene could not be set.

After a quick run to the corner store for an ample supply of savory saltines, we set up the main course. Eddie had several techniques, from the old “stuff it and soak it” water strategy, to the “stack ’em and slam ’em” layering method. However, none proved superior to the power of the saliva sponges that we all know as the American saltine cracker. So with that said, welcome to the team Eddie.

Mark Carter, Heikki Sorsa, and Eddie Wall are a group of damn handsome young men who also happen to make up the Weekend pro team. But the handsome part is probably more impressive.

*they meaning barbers in Civil War era New York. Yeah! History!”