Gravis and Analog’s Euro Office Moving to Southwest France

Burton is moving its European Analog and Gravis offices from the snowy peaks of Innsbruck to the beaches of Southwest France to expand their focus on skate and surf.

According to the release:

The Gravis/Analog office will be close to the Channel Islands office, also owned and operated by Burton Snowboards. Philippe Gouzes, Burton Europe's Vice President of Sales, will oversee the operations of all three brands.

The Gravis and Analog crew will be strengthened further by the addition of Greg Poissonnier to their Marketing team in his new role as Team & Core Marketing Coordinator. Greg is a household name in the industry, looking back on a career as a professional snowboarder and having a passion for skateboarding and surfing. Before joining Gravis/Analog he has driven Globe's Skate team and marketing. He brings extensive experience and understanding of the action sports world to the Gravis and Analog crew.

Apart from Greg, Charlie Tidball (Creative & Retail Marketing Europe), as well as Thomas Bonora (Sales Coordination Europe) complement the Hossegor Gravis/Analog team. The Gravis/Analog office in Hossegor will focus on all key marketing initiatives such as events, retail marketing, creative, team management and PR as well as taking care of all sales aspects. Philippe Gouzes has the following to say: "I'm looking forward to Gravis & Analog's future down here in the Southwest of France as we felt it was key to be close to the European Surf and Skate mecca. You can compare it to our structure in the US with Gravis and Analog being based close to the beach in Irvine, California. I'm confident the move will allow our brands to grow in both the Surf- and Skateboard worlds."

Hermann Kapferer, Burton Europe's General Manager, adds the following: "We discussed this for years now as we felt this move has to happen one day. When we introduced Gravis Skateboarding last year it became obvious that the time is right now to finally relocate our skate- and surf-driven brands to the beach."

New office address:
180 ave. des Menuisieres
ZA de Pedebert
40150 Soorts Hossegor
Phone: +33 (0) 558 734 098
Fax: +33 (0)558 492 614