Greg Hughes Leaves Niche Snowboards

Greg Hughes

Greg Hughes, VP of Sales for Niche, is leaving the snowboard brand.  Read the official words from Hughes in his email announcement:

Hey Niche Distributors and My Snowboard Industry Friends,
A little over a year ago I signed on with Niche as a consultant to
assist with sales and marketing.  I was interested because of the
great story and the commitment and vision that Dustin has in
developing a great snowboard brand that stands out from the rest of the

brands that are currently available.  So much has happened in
such a short time.  There is a solid dealer and global distributor
base that can be built on.  Niche signed a long term agreement with
Mervin to use Magnetraction.  In 2012 Niche will introduce some new constructions

that will improve the pricing on a few models that
will allow the brand to reach some new consumers and dealers that it would not have reached before.

With all of these exciting things on the horizon and a great
foundation for growth, Niche Management has decided to seek a full time Sales Manager. 

With the other commitments that I have in the snowboard world, this is not something that I can do. 

Effective today, I will no longer be involved with Niche.  My contract is up
and it will not be renewed.  Having a full time sales manager will
be a great step for Niche to get to the next level.  It has been
great working with all of you and I will see everyone out there on
the trade show tour.  I will continue to be a big cheerleader for
the brand and am excited to see Niche capitalize on it’s promising
future.  Please keep in touch with me and I will obviously keep in touch with all of you. 

My email is and I will
be keeping an eye out for all of you with any other opportunities
that might present themselves.