Help Australian Skater Ben James

Australian skateboarder Ben James
Australian Skateboarder Ben James is recovering from severe head trauma after being struck by an NYC cab driver while completing a US film tour in the Big Apple.

Supra, KR3W & Mystery Team Rider Needs Industry’s Help After Suffering Severe Head Injury

Ben James, Australian skateboarder and team rider for Supra Footwear, KR3W Clothing, and Mystery Skateboards in Australia, is recovering from a serious head injury, after getting struck by a NYC cab driver nearly two months ago while he was finishing up a US photo and film tour in the Big Apple. The skateboard industry is rallying around James to help support him through this difficult time, and offset his monstrous medical bill. Here’s what TransWorld SKATE had to say:

“Our good buddy, Australian skater Ben James was in a terrible accident in NYC. He was struck by a cab, suffered major head trauma, and is still in the hospital recovering. Obviously his medical bills are outrageous and his insurance isn't helping. Take a minute to read this story—Benny is as cool as they come. Please help as much as you can and share this page. Thanks everyone.”