Horsefeathers Debuts New ‘DECK 2’ Belt

Horsefeathers, NITRO, Arbor and Bataleon present the Deck 2 belt, featuring a buckle made from cuts of used and damaged snowboards.

European outerwear and apparel brand Horsefeathers  has teamed up with Arbor, Bataleon, and NITRO to launch the DECK 2, a handmade leather belt that uses cuts from damaged and used snowboards for the buckle. Each DECK 2 belt comes with its own serial number and certificate of origin, which includes a unique code for online registration and gives each buyer a lifetime warranty on the belt.

The DECK 2 belts are an offshoot of Horsefeathers’ original DECK project, which uses cuts from broken skateboard decks for belt buckles.

Learn more about Horsefeathers’ DECK 2, available now in select shops, right here.