Horsefeathers Launches ‘Sick Of Trash!’ Project

Horsefeathers has launched a new initiative focused on getting people to adopt a new, sustainable perspective. Their project, Sick of Trash!, works like this: Find a messy spot and take a photo. Start cleaning up the spot, and document the process. When all is clean, take a photo of the brand new, clean location and take a photo of the collected trash. Send photos to before the June 30th deadline, and the 10 best projects will earn Horsefeathers Refuse Shorts in addition to other prizes.

Read on for more on Sick of Trash!, from Horsefeathers' marketing manager, Hoffee.

Trash is a problem. It is your problem, your friends' problem, your country's problem, and your planet's problem. It is our mutual problem, which directly affects the environment we live in. The biggest producers of trash are the most advanced economies with US leading the chart at over 700kg of waste per person per year. All developed nations follow with Australia creating 690kg of trash per person per year; European Union is caching up with ca 500kg of trash per person.

Everyone at Horsefeathers feels the pressure to improve this statistic and to also include as many people as possible in adopting a different, sustainable perspective. “Even though we realize that globally this generates only a small result, we feel it makes sense since each bit counts and because it is also about developing a long-term sense of responsibility,” says Hoffee, Horsefeathers marketing manager. Our living environment from rivers and forests to parks and streets is frequently damaged by irresponsible behavior and adds to the negative effect of trash problematic. Not only does the society create large volumes of trash, but further it often does not properly manage the ideal sorting and recycling processes. Let alone the fact, that some individuals are actually able to dump their waste on our beaches, in our forests, in our waters.

If you care, take part in our project Sick of Trash! Become one of the people who help keep our environment clean. It's easy: Find a messy location. Get protective gloves. Take a photo. Start cleaning up the spot. Take a photo of the process. When all is clean, take a photo of the brand new, clean location and take a photo of the collected trash. Remember to sort waste and to use recycling bins to be as effective as possible. That's it! Now send the pics with a short description to by June 30th. ALL contestants will be included in a draw to win Horsefeathers product in a total value of 2 000 Euro.

All the photos will be displayed on and on The gallery will be also published on our FB profile. 10 best projects will be rewarded with Horsefeathers Refuse shorts, which are the symbol of Sick of Trash plus other cool prizes. Considering the positive impact on our environment, the more projects you take part in, the better. This also increases the probability of winning great Horsefeathers product.

So, wait no more and get involved. The Sick of Trash project is on!