How Three Big Supreme Court Decisions Affect Your Business

How to Better Understand the Law and Protect Your Business

In the most recent Supreme Court news, three decisions were made concerning harassment and “vicarious liability.” In the first case, Vance v. Ball. St. University, the Court ruled that it is now up to the employee to seek out means of procedures and policies protecting them against harassment in the workplace. What does this mean for employers?

This means that it is now easier for businesses to avoid liability as long as they are able to prove that they have a guidelines set in place against harassment as well as a plan in place if it does so happen to occur.

According to Suzanne Lucas, from, “this establishes firmly that there is a difference between supervisors and coworkers. This is good for your business”.

Why exactly is this good you may ask?

Basically this means that, in the case that unlawful harassment does occur in the workplace the employer is not liable as long as they can prove that they demonstrated care for the situation at hand.

The second decision from the Supreme Court is also a big win for employers. As a result of the University of Texas South Western Medical Center vs. Nassar case, it was decided that an employee cannot retaliate if they are undergoing a performance improvement plan (PIP) and because of this claim discrimination.

The third decision that was passed is called the DOMA decision, which now also recognized marriage between same sex couples. What does this mean for your business?

Well, more or less if you live in state that identifies same sex marriages then same sex couples will receive the same rights as traditionally married couples.

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