Huffman Brothers X TW SNOW Release Third & Final SNOWCRAFT Episode

The Huffman Brothers and TransWorld Snowboarding have released the third and final episode of its  SNOWCRAFT film series.

The Huffman brothers, in partnership with TransWorld SNOWboarding are proud to announce the airing of SNOW CRAFT in a three-part web series to premiere The final episode, entitled New Beginnings, dropped today, November 15th, 2012.

A unique blend of cultural journalism and action sports, SNOWCRAFT is a journey from the hills of Vermont to the peaks of Niseko and Tenjin, Japan— in search of the personalities and powder that inspire today’s top craft snowboard brands. Join pro-snowboarders Mads Jonsson, Mark Carter and Dave Short as they meet iconic board makers and ride record-breaking storms on PowderJet, GentemStick and TJ Brand decks.

The story tackles very relevant themes of “hand craft” and “locally inspired” products. The Huffman brothers have chosen to take a theme that is prevalent worldwide and use it as a lens to look at how that occurs in the snowboard industry. Throughout their cinematic journey, the Huffman brothers have discovered a counter-culture movement buried in the cracks of the ever-growing mainstream snowboarding business. Their goal in making the film is to inspire snowboarders worldwide and shed light on the idea that there is wide-open window for the pioneering mentality in snowboarding.

Filmer Shem Roose and Photographer Mark Kohlman at work in the Tenjindaira backcountry.

“It is OK to think small and think different,” Lukas Huffman says as he sums up the future of craft snowboarding. “This mindset is especially important given that snowboarding exists in the action sports world, where bigger is always better and fitting in is paramount. Hopefully what the audience takes away from our film is that it can be a good thing to slow down, try a uniquely shaped board, so that you can better enjoy the turns you make. It’s about quality over quantity.“

The result is an authentic, original and truly inspiring series that follows the individuals who are leading the movement to keep the un-commercialized stoked of shred alive and thriving. With pro-riders like Dave Short, Mads Jonsson, and Mark Carter making solid showings, this is a series that is not to be missed.