Introducing Wasatch Powder Monkeys : Roof Rack Improvement

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Park City, UT (March 8, 2013) – Wasatch Powder Monkeys (WPM) is obsessed with the outdoor lifestyle. It drives and informs their need for innovative, quality gear that makes it easier to get outside, faster and more efficiently.

WPM designs and manufactures SmartCrossbar™ technology, a roof rack crossbar and adaptor system that is 10-25 times more aerodynamic than regular cross bars. Beyond the amazing aerodynamics, SmartCrossbar technology allows the user to quickly remove mounts (ski, bike, boat, box) when not in use, for even greater fuel savings and noise reduction.

Results will vary depending on your vehicle, route, speed and weather conditions, but WPM research shows mileage can drop 20% or more with the addition of a cargo box or other roof top mount. Wouldn’t it be nice to only have that stuff on the car when you need it?

Based in Park City, WPM has access to world-class activities like biking, skiing, paddling and camping right out the back door. Having this kind of access is a privilege to be enjoyed and protected. WPM enables both, providing substantial value-add to users and unique functionality.

Benefits of SmartCrossbar™ Technology:

Easy to use

Improved gas mileage

Reduced noise

Compatible with Thule, Yakima, Inno and Rocky Mounts towers and mounts

Get into those low clearance parking lots

The Numbers: The average American drives 13,5001 miles per year, and US vehicles average 17 miles per gallon2. That’s 794 gallons of gas per person every year. It takes approximately 2 gallons of oil to make a gallon of gas3, so that means on average we’re burning up 1,588 gallons of petroleum products each year, just for our gas tanks. At the national current average of $3.754 per gallon, even a 5% improvement will save the average American $150 every year. Removing a cargo box could save the average driver almost $600 this year.

Why Powder Monkeys?

The Powder Monkeys name doesn’t refer to a mythical simian, but to incredible ski patrollers who hit the mountains at sunrise for snow control. It is this spirit that we instill in our company. WPM is dedicated to creating equipment for the outdoor market that MUST be designed and built to the highest level of excellence. Just like the ski patrollers it was named for, the Powder Monkey not only likes to push the limit, it is a free spirited soul that loves the outdoor life and respects the planet.

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About Wasatch Powder Monkeys™

Based in Park City, UT, Wasatch Powder Monkeys™ was started by a group of individuals devoted to developing and improving gear and services to make getting outside easier and more enjoyable. For more information, please visit