Ipath Announces Artist Project Collective


Ipath is pushing the limits of creativity with there newest project, the Artist Project Collective.  Artists will have the chance to design shoes and graphics for the company, post their idea on Facebook, and have skateboarders from around the world vote on them

The winning artist’s design will be put into production, and the artist will receive free shoes.

From Ipath:

As an ongoing commitment to creativity and skateboarding Ipath has created the Artist Project Collective. The series of projects will invite artists to get creative and design shoes and graphics for Ipath. Projects can be submitted to the Ipath facebook page where they will be voted on by other skateboarders.

Ipath will produce the most liked design and award creativity with free shoes.

The series kicks off with a shoe design project.

Simply visit:  https://www.facebook.com/IPATHshoes  and submit your design.