ISA Revives the Original Eduardo Arena World Champion Trophy

ISA Brings Back the Original Eduardo Arena World Champion Trophy


After 41 years missing, the original Eduardo Arena Trophy was reintroduced as the “Eduardo Arena Perpetual Trophy” to be awarded to the ISA Masters World Champion Team, starting next April in Montañita, Ecuador.

Club Waikiki, one the longer standing Surf Clubs in the world and a landmark in the Peruvian and Latin-American surf culture, was host to the presentation of the Eduardo Arena Team Trophy.Club Waikiki gave a warm welcome to the participants of the ISA World StandUp Paddle and Paddleboard Championship from around the world, club members, media and ISA leaders.After an introduction by Club Waikiki President Jose Osterling, the legendary Eduardo Arena, founder and first President of the ISA, told the history of this event.

“We meet here because Fernando has asked me to deliver to the ISA the original trophy that I donated to the ISA in 1964. After almost 50 years, we found the original jewelers that made the trophy, and even the original artist that actually made the original. With photos and his recollections, they were able to make an identical new trophy”.

Arena then presented the trophy to ISA President, who then addressed the guests.

“We have made a lot of work to get this trophy back,” noted President Aguerre. “Two years ago we decided to ask Eduardo if he was interested in donating a replica of the original trophy. We love Peru, and this trophy means a lot to the history of our sport. We are happy to welcome back the trophy to the ISA World Championships, and there is no more appropriate place to do it, than in Peru, where the original trophy was first awarded 48 years ago. From this year on, it will be awarded to the ISA Masters World Team Champion, and the name of the winner will be engraved below all the original Champions”.

Aguerre added, “Thanks to all of you who made this possible, and to all of you from around the world, thank you for coming to Peru and thank you for taking back home the warmth of the Peruvian surfing culture”.

In the eve of its 50 anniversary (the ISA was originally founded in 1964), the ISA is happy to welcome back surfing’s original World Champion trophy.