Kelly Slater Nominated For Sports Illustrated Sportsman Of Year

Kelly Slater, SI Sportsman of the Year nomination

Kelly Slater, SI Sportsman of the Year nomination

Along with some of the most well-known athletes out there, Kelly Slater has been nominated for Sports Illustrator’s Sportsman of the Year Award, an honor that will be bestowed by the media outlet on December 6. Nominated by SI sports writer¬† Kostya Kennedy, Slater was touted in the article as the “most dominant athlete of his generation across all sports.” Here’s a blurb from Kennedy’s nomination article:

¬†“So here he is, still cresting, in 2011. The surfer who made it cool to finish high school. The dude from “Baywatch” all grown up. The guy you can see on YouTube ripping up the surf on a table top.

The Kelly Slater Foundation — a charity with the environment top of mind — includes Eddie Vedder and Sean Penn among its supporters. Slater is himself a rock star. But all he seems to want is the water and the waves.

You know how the ASP found out it had jumped the gun in crowning Slater? Slater told them. He’d seen a blog post questioning the ASP’s math, did some figuring himself and got a little investigation underway. He didn’t want to win the title early. The most dominant athlete of his time, any sport, wanted to do what he’s always done: earn it. A competitor. A Sportsman.”

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