LocoX.com Hires Mike Lyons As Director of Marketing

Coming off 6 1/2 years in the marketing department at TransWorld Media, Mike Lyons is now the Director of Marketing for the online motocross gear, motocross parts and life-style clothing retailer LocoX.com.  Lyons will be working out of Southern California, away from the company’s Huntsville, Alabama headquarters, to operate in the proximity of top MX brands and athletes.

“We’re really stoked to have Mike joining the Loco Mafiapicture-15. Mike brings years of industry experience, knowledge and relationships with him to his office in SoCal,” Says Dave Scilabro, President and CEO of LocoX.com.

“I am really excited to join LocoX.com and continue to be a part of the excitement that is motocross, action sports and youth marketing. The amazing story of what Dave, and his small team, have done in building a brand with LocoX and of course, Sanchez, and growing the business in just a little over 3 years is a huge reason why I can’t wait to get started,” said Lyons. “Right now there are so many online retailers just trying to push product to the audience and very few companies that truly understand what it is that makes a kid want to be a part of the life-style and action sports.”