…Lost x Sublime Skateboards

…Lost X Sublime Skateboards

"A fitting co-brand if ever there was one. The 90’s heyday of …Lost videos and the peak of Sublime's popularity intersected at ground zero with Brad, Bud, Eric, Miguel and the boys allowing us to rampage their albums for our soundtracks, crashing at our house and headquarters for days at a time and even going as far as recording the title track “What’s Really Goin’ Wrong”, penned by none other than Chicken Willy and yours truly." –Matt Biolos 

Smokin' is a classic Sublime joint logo turned into a top and bottom deck graphic that also sports our new …Lost 7" Standard truck, "Shock Suppression System" urethane ride-dampening risers and our retro 8-Ball double conical wheels with Abec-7 Blacksheep Bomber bearings. A small kicktail keeps it cherry. Retails for $149. Smokin' is available at the Skate Warehouse

40 Ounces is our take on an early 80's pool deck turned beer cruiser with a fittingly mellowed-out concave and even more mellow kicktail. The art comes from the iconic "40 Ounces to Freedom" album cover splashed over a collage of band photo's gathered over years of debauchery. The 40 Ounces has our larger 8" truck with 8-Ball double conical wheels and Abec-7 Blacksheep Bomber bearings. Retails for $159. 40 Ounces is available at the Skate Warehouse