‘Minds in the Water’ at Newport Beach Film Festival

It’s never too late to celebrate Earth Day.  The Newport Beach Film Festival, held April 26 – May 3, will be debuting many amazing films from the action sports industry, along with films from all genres.  Among these films is a stand-out– Minds in the Water– a film celebrating the earth and it’s oceans.

Minds in the Water is put together by professional surfer and environmentalist Dave Rastovich and his crew of ocean-lovers, surfers and environmentalists, alike, with the goal to help protect the oceans and it’s creatures within.  With the backing of Surfers for Cetaceans, a non profit organization for the conservation and protection of marine life, Minds in the Water is just one of many ways that the world can reach out and help one another and commit to seeking ways to support the conservation and protection of marine life.

Premiering at Costa Mesa’s Triangle Square Theater on Saturday, April 28th, Minds in the Water is sure to turn out a great crowd.  Get tickets online, and check out the movie trailer below:

Surfers for cetaceans is committed to activating ocean-minded people everywhere to support the conservation and protection of whales, dolphins and marine life. It’s through compassion, awareness, education, media and dedicated interventions that we will accomplish this goal. We seek to be a human voice for and defender of cetaceans worldwide.
Minds in the Water is an award winning documentary following the quest of profesional surfer Dave Rastovich and his friends to protect dolphins, whales and the oceans they share.  Through Dave’s journey– a five-year adventure spanning the globe from Australia to the Galapagos, Tonga, California, Alaska and Japan– we see one surfer’s quest to activate his community to help protect the ocean and its inhabitants.
“As ocean people, it is our privelege to be the custodians of our coastlines. The film documents our attempt at fulfilling that role as we travelled to surfing locations around the world. Cetaceans are the ultimate, and original surfers. They are our ocean kin and it is our role to do what we can to protect their well being.” ~ Dave Rastovich