Monster Energy Sponsors EcoGroomer

picture-212Monster Energy is now sponsoring the EcoGroomer project.

Both parties say they are excited about the sponsorship.

“With over 5000 hours running both Pisten Bullys and Bombardier (snowcats), I can say this is a very cool concept that will change the grooming scene forever,” said Christopher Stumbles, who heads up partnerships for Monster Energy, in a press release.” I would gladly lace you and your crew all up with our product to keep you thinking and working towards your goals.”

The CEO of EcoGroomer, Daniel Osborne said that he is pleased with the support received from Monster and the many ski resorts that have contacted the Company to lend their support and endorsement – including Aspen Ski Company. In addition, support came from Stevens Pass Resort in Washington State and small town ski area Mt. Abram in the upper part of Maine.

“We appreciate the continued support of Monster Energy and the growing number of ski resorts large and small who share in our passion and commitment to bring this new technology to market,” said Osborne in a press release. “This is truly a cooperative effort that is gaining momentum by the day and it’s very exciting to be a part of such a positive development for the Ski Industry.”