Nike: 2011/12 Outerwear Preview

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Scott Keating, Global Sales Manager; Steve Adams, Outerwear Product Line Manger; and Bobby Meeks, Associate Brand Manager:

What are the three biggest trends you see shaping the market and what you are doing to meet them?
Fits will continue to be a big trend in 2011/12. For Jackets it continues to be longer and slimmer fits, for pants it is a more tailored approach. Not too slim and not too baggy.
Eco friendly materials and construction are still very relevant, and is a focus for our brand.  Nike Snowboarding has always been about rider influenced boots and outerwear, and that will remain our focus moving forward.

What are the biggest changes in the outerwear market you’re seeing for this winter on the business front?
Most brands are getting a lot smarter about how much product, and what types of products that they are putting into the market.  It is getting harder for retailers to support huge offerings from brands. Being focused helps the retailers with sell through, and has always been a priority for Nike Snowboarding to deliver a focused product offering.

What fabrics, colors, and technologies are you focusing on for next season?
We work really closely with our riders, Nicolas Muller and Annie Boulanger, to find and develop sustainable fabrics and trims for our outerwear. We are dedicated to using recycled fabrics, Nike grind trims, and efficient fabric yields with our patterns, and our product offering next year reflects that dedication.

How have you responded to the current market and the decrease in prebooks?
Mindful of what is going on in the market we are strategic with our product offering and inventory levels. We also have made more of an effort to connect with our retail partners in managing their business to maximize their profitability. With that said, we are still growing and haven’t seen a decrease in prebooks this past year.

Have you changed your distribution at all from last season? Why or why not?
We have been focused on North America and Europe positioning the brand the right way with the right partners. As we take the brand global, we are looking at the Southern Hemisphere and Asia. The challenge for Nike Snowboarding is to manage how fast we grow so that we are positioned correctly, with the right partners in the right way.

What’s in your crystal ball for 2010/11?
Look out for big things around Gigi Rüf and Nicolas Müller. And the triumphant return of Austin Smith.

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