Rome Releases 2011 Artifact Shop Kid Board

Rome released its 2011 Artifact 1985 SK board, which is part of the brand’s Shop-Kid Only graphic design contest. This year’s winner, Mike Forester of Marquette, Michigan’s Casualties, will have his theme “Meat Justice” printed on 100 limited edition boards that will be available through Rome’s Operative Program to shop kids and resort employees. In related news, Rome also just announced the winner of its first-ever “You Are The Syndicate” T-shirt design contest, and will be printing 100 limited edition tees of the winning design created by Alicja Szpiech. More information and photos below:

Rome Shop Kid Contest

“With the season kicking off all over the world, the Rome SDS releases the 2011 Artifact 1985 SK.

Last season, Rome expanded the idea behind the shop-kid-only Artifact SK that it has made for the last two years. This time, the idea was to let the shop kids create the art for the SK—Designed By Shop Kids, For Shop Kids.  More than ever, the idea was to listen to kids on shred.

As announced earlier in the summer, Mike Forester from the one-and-only Casualties in Marquette, Michigan won the first annual Artifact SK art contest. From there, he worked with Rome’s art director for boards to finalize and refine his ideas (and he ended up designing a couple 2011 Rome board as well).

Meat Justice is the result of Forester’s creative genius on the 2011 SK.

Technologically speaking, this year the SK is built on the Artifact 1985 design, featuring Rome’s Poprock reverse camber technology.

Limited to fewer than 100 boards worldwide, the SK is be available exclusively through Rome’s Operative Program for shop kids and resort employees living in resort-town ghettos.”

You Are The Syndicate

Rome You Are The Syndicate T Shirt Contest
Rome You Are The Syndicate T Shirt Contest

“The first “You are the Syndicate” design contest has come to an end.  After some discussions in the art department here at Rome, congratulations goes to Alicja Szpiech for submitting the winning design.

We’ll be printing off 100 limited edition and numbered tees of Alicja’s design and hooking him up with the first 10.  The rest of the tees will be given out from here during contests and other giveaways.

Thanks to everyone who entered, the designs were all really good, which made the decision really tough.

For more You are the Syndicate contests, and chances to win one of Alicja’s limited T’s, keep an eye on, and