Industry Veteran Ryan Dewitt’s Home Destroyed In Natural Gas Explosion

Ryan Dewitt

The industry is rallying around long-time action sports veteran Ryan Dewitt, who lost everything he owned in a natural gas explosion that burned his home to the ground Saturday, February 23.  Here’s the details and how to get involved:

Ryan Dewitt has been a friend to everyone at TransWorld and an industry staple as the former Element TM and current Vans East Coast Head of Marketing Manager. DeWitt’s home was burned to the ground on Saturday afternoon in a natural gas explosion. Fortunately, he was attending the John John event at the House of Vans and his dog Gizmo was at Ryan’s brothers house. However, Ryan lost everything except the backpack he brought with him that day. Ryan does not have renter’s insurance.

We all know how amazing Ryan is and even through this tragic event his spirit remains upbeat. He would be the first person to ask, “What can I do to help?” if this had happened to one of his peers. I am asking for your help in raising as much as we can to help Ryan get back on his feet again. We are asking that donations be sent between now and March 11th so we can get Ryan the funds as soon as possible.—Chris Nieratko/Vans

In only two days, Ryan’s fundraiser at has already raised $10,953.  If you would like to contribute to the cause, follow the link above.  It’s quick, easy, and no account is necessary. There is also an option to keep your donation private should you prefer that. The dollars will be collected and distributed to Ryan via check from WePay as soon as the fundraiser is over on March 11.