Seehafer to Present ASR Seminar For Specialty Retailers

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – Dave Seehafer from Global Wave Ventures, in conjunction with Board Retailers Association, will present a seminar for specialty retailers entitled “Introduction to Inventory Management & Open-To-Buy” at the upcoming ASR trade show in San Diego, CA on Thursday, January 22, 2009, 3pm, Room 32 A/B.

Seminar Intro:
TOO MUCH INVENTORY is the challenge for many of today’s specialty retailers.  Discuss the basics of inventory management and open-to-buy at this informative seminar from an action sports industry veteran!  Review the principles of category allocation, “ideal” inventory levels, product sell-through, and monthly reorders in order to increase product turnover AND net profitability.

**MARK YOUR CALENDAR–Thursday, 1/22/09, 3pm, Room 32 A/B**

About the speaker:
Dave Seehafer is an action sports industry veteran and analyst for Global Wave Ventures, a San Clemente, CA- and Jacksonville Beach, FL-based business management, leadership, and consulting firm for specialty retailers, manufacturers, and brands.  Seehafer also produces the annual Boards & Waves Expo, “a consumer expo for surfers”, on the East Coast. or 949-466-4110.

About Board Retailers Association:
The Board Retailers Association (BRA) is the board sport industry’s preeminent voice for independent retailers.  BRA gives Board Sport Retailers – surfboard, skateboard, snowboard, and wakeboard – a cohesive voice on a grassroots level with manufacturers, trade show representatives, and other associations. or  910-509-0109