Sessions: 2011/12 Outerwear Preview

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Men's Player Jacket $280.00 and Women's Covert Jacket $220.00.

Men's Player Jacket $280.00 and Women's Covert Jacket $220.00.

Retailer contact info: 831-461-5080,

Session's Production and Development Manager Maragux Jo Elliott.

Session's Production and Development Manager Maragux Jo Elliott.

Maragux Jo Elliott, Production and Development Manager:

What are the three biggest trends you see shaping the market and what are you doing to address them?

We have seen a return to vintage and authenticity.  There is a reflection regarding the sport’s history and the history of sport in general.  Everybody loves a classic and we’ve added a few twists of our own to make it interesting.

At the same time, we see innovators shape the market, with fresh looks, colors and ideas…things that you haven’t seen before or always wish you had!  Our Signature series really hit this point.  Tim Humphrey’s, Chris Benchetler, and Tara Dakides have brought some things to the table that change it up and address this market.

A big concern for us, especially regarding the Women’s line, was to make something wearable on and off the mountain.  If someone’s gonna drop the money for an outerwear jacket, it would be great if it was wearable on the street, wouldn’t it?  We’ve got something particularly cool and versatile on this point for all you springtime riders….stay tuned.

What are the biggest changes in the outerwear market you’re seeing this winter on the business front?

In the past few years, consumers have become much more educated and making decisions on a wider variety of criteria.  It’s not necessarily a brand name that will sell a garment anymore.  With all the information and product available on the internet, between magazines, store pages and blogs…people know what’s out there, and can figure out what they are looking for before heading to a shop.  I think it’s a cool thing that everyone is so connected, it makes the community stronger, and it gives us the challenge of getting that information out there, to convince the consumer that our product is what they want and need.

Also, with such inconsistent and unpredictable winter weather, the selling season for outerwear and related product becomes very short…this is something we are seriously addressing for this season.

What fabrics, colors, and technologies are you focusing on for next season?

Sessions is known as a quality brand, putting out good product.  We focused on including fabrics and trims with high quality and performance.  We spent time getting really great novelty fabrics into the collection to change it up and offer our customer something new and different, while keeping a good selection of fool-proof, sell-through basics.  We’ve made a huge effort to develop strong prints, which will be a nice and unexpected surprise for some.  As for colors, we focused on bringing in trends and forecasts, while not letting our riders blend in to the crowd…

How have you responded to the current market and the decrease in prebooks?

With a decrease in prebooks, we have responded by being more conservative when placing the buy with our factories.  If we don’t have orders in from our customers, we really have to analyze information available so that we don’t wind up with inventory.  The longer we wait for orders, the further out our delivery date is.

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