Updated: Snow Park NZ Shut Down Permanently

New Zealand’s Snow Park To Be Closed For Good

Kelly Clark going big at Burton’s ‘High Fives’ competition at Snow Park 2012

Update: According to an article from Mountain Scene Posted on May 28th, 2013, Snow Park will unfortunately be closed to the public, permanently. The world renowned freestyle facility was purchased by neighboring vehicle and car testing business Southern Hemisphere Proving grounds earlier this month. Snow Park, NZ will instead be dedicated to giving ice driving experiences for European car manufacturers’, New Zealand dealerships, and conference and incentive groups. Sadly the good times at Snow Park will now just be fond memories for freestyle snowboarders and skiers across the globe.

“We won’t open to the public next winter,” its managing director Tom Elworthy says.
“I think that’s it – we’ll be closed permanently to the public now.”
Elworthy says the company still planned to cater to international ski and snowboard teams and individuals.
“Short summary is we only got a modest amount of interest really, there isn’t the demand. So we’ve pretty much decided we won’t be building a pipe and park this year at all.
“We may cater for some race teams, slalom and GS teams, with race lanes in late August this year or future years.”

Original Story Ran on May 23, 2013: New Zealand’s Snow Park will not be opening during the 2013 season due to a lack of capital. The mountain, located in the Southern Alps of NZ, is known for its renowned terrain park, and spectacular views, as well as hosting Burton’s ‘High Five’ snowboarding competition. General manager Sam Lee announced earlier this week that “this was one of the hardest decisions [he] had to make” but Lee says he has bigger plans for success during next season.

Here’s the full announcement:

Snow Park NZ returned to the Lee family to operate on April 1st 2013 and they have been tight lipped about what the plans are for 2013.

“We can now reveal that the plan for 2013 is that we will not be opening on a regular basis to the public.” Said Sam Lee, General Manager.  “We had hoped we could get on our feet sooner but we needed more time than we have had”.

Best efforts have been hampered by the volume of work and capital required. The team have made the decision to pause and get their bearings, and approach the future of Snow Park responsibly to their customers and trading partners.

“We have worked hard to underwrite the season and provide the Snow Park we have all come to know and love, but time has been against us from the start.”  Said Lee. “This is one of the hardest decisions I have had to make, with the level of functioning assets, I know we cannot provide the World Class terrain we have become known for”.

Snow Park NZ is prepared to stay closed for the 2013 winter as it plans to restructure itself moving forward.

“While this is bad news for the 2013 winter, its about the long term success of the brand, venue and assets. As a family we are passionate about the industry and Snow Park, but we have to be socially and fiscally responsible to our customers and our partners.”

They have not ruled out operating on an ad-hoc basis and plans for this will be released when there is more certainty about what will be provided. They will still be running their accommodation and be available for events and functions.