Spy Optic Re-Launches Website

SPY Optic is re-launching its website, spyoptic.com, putting a fresh spin on the stories behind its athletes, products, and events, as well as launching an updated ecommerce section of the site with new partner OneStop Internet.Spy had this to say about the new digital era it has entered:

This fresh cyber face of the brand speaks loudly and proudly about all the radness you’ve been hearing, seeing and feeling out of SPY this year. From the beaches and mountains to the tracks and lakes and now onto the Web, SPY is on the scene, spreading its message of fast fun and functional facewear. 

"The new SPYoptic.com better engages and edifies our enthusiastic loyalists with inspired new creative, story-telling and product," says Mark Marovich, SPY Web manager. "At the same time, we're providing a venue as comfortable as an overstuffed couch for new friends, drawn from the four corners of the action sports, motorsports and multisport universes to our promise of good times and good people."

 Supercharged by the efforts of SPY's new ecommerce partner, Onestop Internet, the site offers a major upgrade to the shopping experience among all the diversions and delights now packed into it. Smart design and usability have been restructured and enhanced, providing a level of performance that the makers of Viagra would envy. Special features include 360-degree product images on SPY athletes—including John John Florence, Alana Blanchard, Torrey Meister, Eero Niemela, Jeremy McGrath and more—along with action-packed videos, product knowledge clips, a product recommendation engine and reviews.

“We are really proud of what we've been able to do with SPY,” said John Tomich, CEO of Onestop Internet. “Our companies share a common goal of building an incredible, efficient Web channel, while delivering an unmatched online environment. With SPY's creative contributions, talent roster and product offerings, and our approach to ensuring great visitor experiences, it's fair to say SPYoptic.com <http://www.spyoptic.com/> sets a new standard in online branding, communication and commerce."