SPY Unveils New Happy Lens Technology

SPY has unveiled a new technology scientifically designed to make its users happy. SPY’s Happy Lens is a patent-pending technology that provides 100 percent UV protection while simultaneously letting in long-wave blue light that, studies show, promotes balance and positive physiological changes in the body, such as raised alertness and better moods.

“This is the most exciting product innovation we’ve ever created,” said SPY President and CEO Michael Marckx. “Our Happy Lens applies advanced technology to the eyewear world and strikes a powerful balance in sunglasses—one that can be seen and felt, enhancing experience in manifold and novel ways. It’s the single most important product breakthrough I have ever worked on.”

SPY’s new shades, making their official debut in the spring 2013, will be available across a wide array of styles, including a vintage-inspired Crosstown Collection and high-performance cycling models.

Read on for more on the technology between SPY’s new Happy Lens technology:

Long-wave blue light is the part of the spectrum that studies suggest promotes balance in the body, which most traditional lenses block to a large extent. Studies behind light therapy suggest that it harnesses blue light to regulate hormones that may be related to certain emotional conditions. This positive physiological “uplift” from long wave blue light exposure became the inspiration for the SPY Happy Lens™ technology.

The SPY Happy Lens™ is designed to achieve an unparalleled balance of experiential and functional features and benefits that will complement the style, quality, comfort, durability, and exceptional fit of SPY frames, along with design features that have set the brand apart, like Scoop™ Airflow Technology, ARC™ (Accurate Radius Curvature) Lenses and Trident Polarized Lenses.