Stereo Sound Agency’s New Collection Signaled on Krush

Important New Trends Signaled on Krush Through Stereo Sound Agency’s New Fall Collection

Cambridge, MA – October 31th, 2012 — Krush Inc., where a brand’s most influential consumers get a chance to preview and rate what’s coming next across the action sports and lifestyle industry, released statistics today about Stereo Sound Agency’s new collection that confirms the Cruiser Board trend as well as broader trends for retro styled goods and products that let consumers show their support for finding a breast cancer cure. 
Stereo Sound Agency previewed their Fall 2012 Vinyl Cruiser collection to consumers via a Krush SneakPeekTM event that enabled consumers to preview and rate each item in their upcoming line. The collection was viewed by 8,860 consumers who generated over 30,000 ratings.  The Stereo SneakPeekTM is analyzed in the context of 200 other SneakPeekTM events for brands including: World Industries, Plan B, Element, Etnies, Adidas, Smith Optics, Neff, DC and others. Regarding skate hardgoods, consumers had the opportunity to preview a range of longboards, regular boards, and cruiser boards from different brands. In addition to previewing future products, Krush technology also tracks popularity for action sports products already in market which consumers post and rate to determine popularity. The largest and most positive response was received by Stereo Sound Agency’s Vinyl Cruisers. 
· The Stereo Cruiser Boards received over 600% higher number of views and ratings than comparable brand SneakPeeksTM
· Organic response was on par with top brands such as Oakley, Adidas and Under Armour, all of whom have more than 20 times the social media following than that of Stereo Sound Agency
· The Stereo SneakPeekTM achieved 500% more reserved products versus other comparable SneakPeeksTM
· 65% of consumers are younger, between 15 and 20 years old
· 91% are male
· Top states driving interest are coastal including: CA, FL, NY and TX
The Stereo Sound Agency collaboration with Keep A Breast (KAB) yielded some of the top-reserved items by consumers for future purchase including the KAB Vinyl Cruiser in Pink/White and Pink/Black. The KAB Pink/Black cruiser also topped the most-liked leaderboard (over 2,200 likes) with double the amount of likes than the second most-liked board. Comments from males and females indicated a personal connection to someone with breast cancer and a desire to purchase a board with the pink colorway to show their support for finding a cure.


The popularity of Stereo Cruiser Boards — with the original style and riding specifications of 1970’s plastic skateboards that have been updated with a modern flair — reflects an affinity for “Retro Revamped” items seen on Krush.  The Retro trend has been confirmed across apparel and hardgoods lines from other brands including Oakley, Vision Street Wear and Globe, all of whom have shown comparable results for upcoming retro-inspired goods. When comparing the retro-styled Vinyl Cruisers to the more conventional skateboards of today, consumers showed much greater excitement around these retro boards than any other conventional hardgood SneakPeekTM  events Krush has conducted in the past.
The rebirth of the retro cruiser board stems from a long history of skateboard production tracing back to the 1960’s when iconic brands such as Santa Cruz, Hobie, and Bahne rolled out their original lines of plastic boards. You can see these original boards pictured with skateboard icons such as Stacey Peralta and Lance Mountain, both of whom pioneered skateboarding.
There are a few things that distinguish cruiser boards from other types of skateboards. They’re generally plastic (vs. wood) and are typically smaller and lighter than regular decks.  Besides that, cruisers come in all different shapes and sizes with some featuring kicktails and concave decks, while others are flat, standard shapes. Cruisers are currently used as a stylish means of transportation that can be easily stored in one’s locker, backpack and office.
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