Surfboard Tracker Gives Shapers Peace of Mind


Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 April, 2008  – Shapers can confidently control their license arrangements  and the boards they produce down to the ninth degree, literally anywhere in the world. Surfboard Tracker works closely in partnership with shapers, manufacturers, and surfing brands who value their product and their customers.

SBT is also supported by the “International Surfing Association.” The Surfboard Tracker company was founded by Andrew Smith, a surfer from Wales following the theft of his quiver whilst on vacation in France. Andrew is a avid surfer and surfs all year round in the colder waters of the Northern Atlantic.

Andrew is so passionate about surfing. The whole ethos of Surfboard Tracker is about making surfing and other board sports an enjoyable experience by introducing old surfing values into a today’s society using modern technology. SBT is about a community, all contributing to stop the rogue elements in our sport. SBT is a recognized system  that makes someone think twice about stealing your surfboard or your snowboard surely it is worth it.

This exact ethos has carried the company through and has formed a niche market. SBT supports all board sports from the manufacturer, retailer to surfers the life and sole, even to the extent that some shapers are developing their business model  based around SBT with top surfer like Pancho Sullivan taking the boards with the system and local groms in Sydney taking boards with the SBT system, it just goes to show how far and wide SBT has expanded.

SBT gives shapers traceability of their product. With the whole board industry under pressure from external sources SBT offers a relief valve to maximize profitability for shapers by minimizing the production of licensed abused boards. Frequently shapers place orders with licensed operations not entirely knowing how many boards have actually been produced..

The SBT system places simple controls in this environment by issuing the licensee a number of SBT implants for a designated amount of boards and managing them via an online secure system. Any surplus boards produced with out the SBT implants are and can be considered fake.

The multi lingual system allows shapers to authenticate their product the moment it is implanted with SBT. The added bonus is that the consumer can be sure about his product when purchased and register its ownership.

SBT is expanding across Europe ,UK, Australasia, South America, USA, Asia and South Africa and are currently looking to expand their operations taking up residence in to Hossegor later this year, with Newport Beach, California and Byron Bay, Australia on the radar. For more information, check out