Surfrider Pushes To Make Trestles An Historical Landmark

The Surfrider Foundation is pushing to Save Trestles yet again. The foundation is asking for the stretch of coastline from Uppers to San Onofre to be added to the National Register of Historic Places, according to a recent Orange County Register story.  The OC Board of Supervisors are apparently opposed. 

According to the story:

Surfrider will cite contributions of the Trestles and San Onofre surf breaks to surfing as a sport and culture; San Onofre gaining fame as the Waikiki Beach of California in the 1930s, a place where generations grew up surfing and evolving the culture; and Trestles as an international icon today as North America’s only stop on pro surfing’s world tour.

Orange County is opposed, suggesting that Trestles’ area is integral to Marine Corps training and arguably has had less historical influence on surf culture than surfing venues like Huntington Beach and Malibu.