Surftech Launches Owen Wright Series At Surf Expo

JANUARY 9, 2013 (Orlando, FL) – Surftech will debut a host of new surfboard models at this weeks Surf Expo tradeshow in Orlando, Florida, including a line of Byrne/Owen Wright models.

Owen’s new Byrne Surfboards ULTRAFLX range will include two models:


A high-performance board that is basically the board Owen surfs in most WCT competitions. Over the past 3 years, this board has been developed and refined by Owen himself and is the same shape he won the Quicksilver Pro New York event on.

The Owen Pro is the perfect board for surfers who like to push the boundaries of performance surfing.


The O-Zone is a fun performance board for smaller waves. It has a fuller, thicker nose with a hip going into a slightly wider rounded square tail. This is the ULTIMATE SMALL WAVE FUN BOARD, great for punting and cutting loose in the small stuff.

“Working with Surftech on these boards and hopefully things in the future is something that I’ve wanted to do.” said Owen when asked about his and Byrne Surfboard’s collaboration with Surftech. “I like to be progressive with materials and boards… Surftech opens us up to all these different materials… it really expands your mind to what a board can be made of, different flex patterns… working with Surftech now is like a dream come true for us [Owen & Byrne Surfboards].”

Along with the new Byrne Surfboards/Owen Wright ULTRAFLX line, Surftech is proud to unleash a fresh line of Rusty Dozer ULTRAFLX models and welcomes Carl Ekstrom to our close knit family of shapers. The Ekstrom line will feature a range of Asymmetrical ULTRAFLX shortboards. If you’re at the tradeshow, drop by booth #1467 to check out all of the new boards!