The 1000 Surfers Project

Press Release: « THE 1000 SURFERS PROJECT » is a cultural initiative which aims to highlight today’s world surf culture. Through a photographic exhibition piecing together 1000 portraits collected on our Facebook page, we want to show the diversity of the surfers’ profiles from all over the world.

Up to now, the community has already gathered 250 portraits, more than 1200 fans in 40 different countries.To be a part of the project is very easy: you just need to like and post a picture of yourself in our Facebook page, mentioning your age, location and activity. It’s not about surfing pictures; we want to see who you really are and what surfing means to you. It could be a picture of you at work, during your free time, your travels, or whatever… Be creative!

Be part of this community! It’s free, easy and open to everyone!

Hope to see you soon in our facebook page

« The 1000 Surfers Project » team