TSG’s Arctic Kraken Helmet Wins Ispo Boardsport Award

TSG’s Artctic Kraken helmet was awarded  the Ispo Boardsport Award for accessories in 2011, for this year’s upcoming tradeshow, February 6-9. Details follow:


The Arctic Kraken helmet with flexible interior optimizes comfort and offers superior protection.

TSG has refined the Arctic Kraken's helmet technology and is now proud to launch a new ski and snowboard helmet for the 2011/12 winter season, sporting superb wearing comfort as well as excellent protection properties.

It's a matter of fit

Each and everyone of us has an individual head shape. So how could a stiff helmet fit all of those different heads? Most of the time, the solution is rather large helmet shell which is adapted to the wearer's anatomy with pads and cushions where needed. This is far from perfect a solution! Whereas helmets with a good anatomical shape do not fit heads which are not standard.

Other helmet manufacturers on the market offer an adjustment mechanism including a small wheel to adapt the unfitting helmet to the wearer's head. This wheel ties an inside strap around the head while the inner and outer helmet shell and shape remain unchanged. A helmet with this system might move and wobble on the head while adjustment mistakes might cause a bad fit and make the helmet slip out of position.

Flexible interior for individual head shapes
Presenting the Arctic Kraken's FlexTech Technology, TSG offers the ultimate solution to unsatisfied helmet users. The helmet's interior is divided into pieces just like a cake, with eight separate parts wrapping the head and offering enough space for the entire helmet to adapt to the individual head shape of its wearer – because a 54 cm head size does not tell if the head is rather round or oval.

An innovation, these parts are no longer interconnected via a complex spacer but feature an injected flexible synthetic strap only. This provides for additional flexibility and even lower weight.