Utah Resorts Report 5.4% Rise In Skier Days

Utah Resorts Report 5.4% Increase in Skier Days Over Last Season

According to Emilee Eagar, of Deseret News, Utah Resorts experienced a 5.4% rise in skier days this season despite a below average year for snowfall. This season the total number of skier days for resorts across Utah came in at over four-million visits. The National Ski Areas Association classifies a “skier day” as one person visiting a ski area to ski or snowboard during either the day or night.

This rise in skier days came during a season with a 9.4% decrease in snowfall from the previous year in Utah, which boasted approximately 3.8 million skier days.  In comparison, Rocky Mountain resorts experienced a 1.95% increase in skier days this season. According to Ski Utah, skier days were up 11% across the country this year. All in all reports show that business was on the rise this season for resorts.

Susie English, director of communications for Ski Utah, attributes this success to early snowfall as well as an improving economy. Early snow meant that the resorts were able to open sooner and stay running longer.

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