Waste To Waves: Keeping Surfing Green

Did you know the making of one standard surfboard creates nearly 600 pounds of CO2 emissions? In a sport that’s so connected to Mother Earth, it’s odd that the production side of surfing is actually doing literally tons of harm.

Now Michael Stewart and Kevin Whilden, who co-founded Waste to Waves, have found a way to cut the carbon footprint in half. By collecting and recycling Styrofoam at surf shops around the globe, Stewart and Whilden are able to create custom boards from the recycled, reprocessed foam. Marko Foam, one of the leading foam suppliers in surf, has taken up the task of shaping these environmentally conscious boards.

“We’re creating ways for surfers to look for a recycled label on boards that are already produced,” says Stewart to SURFER Magazine, “or if they’re getting a custom from Patterson or Biolos or Stretch or Cole or any of these guys, they can simply say ‘Hey, make it with a recycled blank.’ It’s really that easy.”

Learn more about the boards and the process at WasteToWaves.org or SURFER Magazines original article.