Waves For Water’s Guerilla Humanitarianism to Rebuild NY/NJ Surf Communities

PRESS RELEASE – More than 100 days after Super Storm Sandy devastated coastal communities in New York and New Jersey, the non-profit Waves For Water continues to work on the ground in the communities that need it most: places like Rockaway, Long Beach and the Jersey Shore. Waves For Water (W4W) an organization founded by former professional surfer Jon Rose has coordinated a comprehensive Hurricane Relief Initiative in response to Super Storm Sandy. They are also working to re-open the dialogue on the storm's affects to create awareness to those still homeless and the need for continued relief efforts.

To date, the W4W Sandy Relief Initiative has donated more than $5,000,000 in supplies; $200,000+ in grants to more than 30 families and small business owners; and there are 18 home restoration projects. W4W has been on the ground since the storm working to provide immediate relief to the families and businesses of the coastal towns that were the hardest hit. Currently, they are involved in long-term rebuilding and recovery efforts that are so vital in these areas, and are committed to identifying and supporting the projects that will have the greatest impact and ignite continued relief efforts.

"Our corporate sponsors and partners provide financial and in kind resources for our ongoing initiatives and programs," says Jon Rose. "They play a critical role in our outreach potential, as the greater the support we have, the greater the impact we can make. By supporting Waves For Water's Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative, companies will sit at the center of a network of individuals and organizations who share the common goal of immediate and sustained action."

This need is greater than ever and current priorities include assisting those who are still homeless, securing contractors to work on the rebuilding of homes, and looking ahead toencourage tourist support of these beach communities now and this summer as W4W helps to restore these stretches of pristine coastline. To donate or get involved with W4W and the Sandy Relief Initiative, please visit http://www.wavesforwater.org/project/hurricane-sandy-relief-initiative.

Jon Rose built W4W on the concept of a new and highly effective model he terms "guerilla humanitarianism," the idea that they could provide urgent relief through a number of solutions, both to those who need it the most day after day and in response to disaster. Rose, who has spearheaded previous relief efforts to countries including Haiti, post-tsunami, Japan, North Korea and Afghanistan, is also pushing to change the frontier of disaster relief with an effort to get the resources and funds directly into the hands of those most seriously affected.

W4W has upcoming events and collaborations to further raise funds and awareness for post-Sandy rebuilding efforts including a March 14th exhibit, "Within Sight: Photographers for Recovery," and a silent auction at Picture Farm Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with all proceeds benefiting the W4W Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative. Additionally, through a partnership with local Home Depot stores in the neighboring areas, Team Depot – an associate based volunteer program that is dedicated to helping others build better communities, is providing the resources and manpower needed to finalize work on each of the 15 W4W Restore and Rebuild sites and also donating appliances for the rebuild.

"Now more than ever, we need to remember that philanthropy needn't come from riches," says Rose. "A groundswell of ingenuity, innovation, execution and help from friends along the way will do just fine. Together, with continued support, we can rebuild our favorite East Coast coastal and surfing epicenters and the homes and livelihoods of those that live there, but it needs to happen now."

About Waves for Water:

Waves For Water works on the front-lines to provide clean water to communities in need around the world. In addition to their primary focuses around clean water, the organization has coordinated disaster relief efforts following earthquakes in Indonesia and Haiti, post-tsunami Japan, Pakistan, Brazil, and now Hurricane Sandy here in the US. They work with world leaders and strategic partners who take a "no-nonsense" attitude toward making global change. Waves For Water is a non-profit organization founded by Jon Rose.