World Snowboard Day 2013 Countdown Begins

The 8th World Snowboard Day Will Take Place December 22nd

Press Release:

The 8th edition of World Snowboard Day is quickly approaching! This year, as with other years, the major players in snowboarding from all over the world have come together. As of now there are more than 85 events in nearly 30 countries, hundreds of free activities open to everyone and anyone in order to make Sunday, December 22nd, an exceptional day!  

Created by EuroSIMA, the World Snowboard Federation and Outdoor Sports Valley, in partnership with SnowSports Industries America, Core Power Asia and TTR Pro Snowboarding, the goal of this international event is to offer everyone the opportunity to participate in this one-of-a-kind day, for free, to discover the joys of snowboarding.

Whatever your destination, event organizers have brewed up an unbelievable program for you: free lessons for newcomers, contests, demonstrations, equipment tests, film viewings, barbecues, parties and concerts, all in a festive, warm and welcoming atmosphere:

European countries answered in force to the call, and WSD will be celebrated in Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, and the Ukraine.

France rallied more than ever before with 16 events! North America is just behind with a more than a dozen events in the USA and Canada. 

As usual, China will join the adventure and has 7 events already registered.

The rest of the world is equally involved, since it will be possible to celebrate snowboarding in Russia, Japan, South Korea and even in the Southern Hemisphere with 2 events in Brazil! 

To discover the events organized close to you, have a look at the WSD website:

And to get a taste of the crazy day that awaits, with a message from Xavier De Le Rue, the official ambassador for this 8th edition, here is the 2013 teaser.

In order to reduce the impact of all these events on the environment, World Snowboard Day has joined forces with Mountain Riders, an association working to promote sustainability in the mountains, to write an eco-guide to provide each organizer with the right stuff to plan and host an environmentally friendly World Snowboard Day event!

A second partnership has been established with Mountain Ride Share, a carpool website that specializes in traveling to ski resorts, to reduce CO2 emissions (good for the planet) as well as transportation costs (good for your wallet)!

To learn more about this approach, click here!