Zeal Hosts Surfer’s ‘The Cradle Of Storms’ Premiere In Boulder, CO

Zeal Hosts Surfer’s ‘The Cradle Of Storms’ Premiere In Boulder, CO

An epic journey to the Aleutian islands unfolds as ZEAL Optics surfers Josh Mulcoy and Pete Devries join photographer Chris Burkard to premiere their new film, The Cradle of Storms, and share stories from a voyage to one of surfing's last unexplored regions. The film screening will be hosted at the Boulder Theater, Thursday, April 3, and followed by performances from Thee Dang Dangs and MTHDS. Here’s more from Zeal Optics blog:

The event is a fundraiser for the 5 Gyres Institute, a group that's raising consciousness about the five large garbage patches in the world's oceans and working to clean them up, and the event is the culmination of a group of local businesses' efforts to band together and raise consciousness of a global issue while at the same time growing our local economy through the power of travel, fun, and sport.

To make this happen, we're bringing out two of our surf athletes, Pete Devries and Josh Mulcoy, some of the best surfers in the world, as well as world renowned surf and travel photographer Chris Burkard, to premiere their new movie, "The Cradle of Storms", an odyssey documenting a trip to Alaska's Aleutian Islands, the birthplace of most of our hemisphere's largest storms. The film will be followed by performances by Denver's Thee Dang Dangs and MTHDS, and is being supported by the Colorado Coalition, a group of brands including TOPO Designs, working to craft products with a deep story here in Colorado.

This cause is particularly meaningful to ZEAL Optics as we make all of our sunglasses from plant-based resins and have eliminated the use of petroleum in our products to decrease the amount of plastic going into our landfills, waterways and oceans.