Oakley and VSCO launch new Prizm presets

July 11, 2017, Foothill Ranch, California: Today, Oakley and VSCO, an art and technology company, announced a new partnership with the launch of Oakley presets on the VSCO platform. Focused on creativity and individuality, the three new preset replicate Oakley's revolutionary lens technology, Prizm.

Oakley VSCO
Photo courtesy of Oakley.

In order to create the presets, Oakley engineers teamed up with VSCO color scientists on the development, ensuring that the contrast benefits and enhanced visual clarity of Prizm Lens Technology was effectively replicated as presets. Each filter also includes a slider, allowing users to adjust the preset's color balance — simulating the same transition eyes undergo when adjusting to Prizm lenses. The slider aims to capture how eyes naturally re color-balance every time a user puts on a pair of sunglasses.

"We have spent years developing and fine-tuning Prizm lens technology and worked closely with the VSCO scientists to ensure that the presets accurately represent the same visual benefits of our lenses," said Olaf Dunz, Global Marketing Director at Oakley. "It is exciting to see our technology applied to another creative medium, allowing athletes and creators around the world to see the road, mountain and everyday life more clearly."

Oakley VSCO
Photo courtesy of Oakley.

Prizm lenses reveal details typically missed by the naked eye by fine-tuning individual wavelengths of color and optimizing contrast. Designed for environments, the three VSCO presets were created to represent the following Prizm Lenses:

● PrizmTM Sport – Road: Prizm Sport is designed to fine-tunes vision for specific sports and environments. Prizm Road brightens whites and enhances yellows, greens and reds so cyclists can see subtle changes in road texture and spot hazards more easily for a confident riding experience
● PrizmTM Snow: Designed to bring out the crucial details in snow textures, Prizm Snow increases color contrast normally hidden in snowy environments by accentuating cyan and reds – colors that we can best detect snow contrast with
● PrizmTM Tungsten: Designed for everyday use, Prizm Tungsten is a warm-based lens that enhances all colors — with the same Prizm performance technology used for sports, but is balanced to create an enhanced visual experience with vibrant colors
In addition to the preset launch, VSCO will help bring to life Oakley's One Obsession #CantStop campaign by providing a glimpse into the creative worlds that motivate and inspire individuals to continually quest for more.

Oakley VSCO
Photo courtesy of Oakley.

As two brands built on inspiring people to follow their individual obsessions, from athletes to artists, Oakley and VSCO enlisted VSCO community photographers to share their views of #CantStop. Through the lenses of VSCO photographers – including Nathalia Allen, Alex Strohl and Tiffany Tu – the work, featuring the Oakley Prizm Presets, exemplifies what the #CantStop mentality represents in each of their lives. To view their images, please click HERE.

"We were able to match Oakley with authentic creators from the VSCO community based on the attributes they desired from a creative concept point of view, while also ensuring these creators felt empowered to capture their outdoor obsessions with our custom presets," said Gene Paek, Vice President of Marketing at VSCO.

Oakley VSCO
Photo courtesy of Oakley.

Oakley and VSCO invite content creators around the world to head outside, capture the surrounding view and use the new Prizm presets. For a chance to be featured on Oakley's VSCO Collection, publish images using #CantStop and #Prizm.

Starting July 11, the three free Oakley Prizm presets will be available on VSCO on iOS and Android. To download, please visit: http://vs.co/Oakley-PRIZM-series.

Learn more at oakley.com/one-obsession.

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Oakley VSCO
Photo courtesy of Oakley.

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